Sunday, April 22, 2007

web 2.0 at nine 3 O'Clock

hey, just discovered this great rss reader called RSS Bandit, does what Outlook does for your email, only better, this nifty tool gives you a window to the worldwide news syndication, its great. I'm sitting with version which is the current stable release and I'm absolutely loving it.

and since I just recently happened on web 2.0, having read the headlines and ignored the signs, I can now safely speak as somebody in the know. Yes, the web has changed, for the better I think, and a lot of people are not really aware that this medium has done a complete about turn and placed content solely in their hands. Theres a world or opportunity right there, and I want to be caught up in it.

so, this blog is a commentary on issues relating to the advent of web 2.0, observed from my first floor window, and at the pace of broadband services in South Africa. Keep and eye on this space and wave when you drive by.